Adam Rokhsar

A new official Ableton device coming soon:
Geisterwelt an audio-video spectral samplermake music and visuals that react in realtimesimultaneously
The first device I made with my friends as part of our new company.  We are called Utami, and we’re launching our site very soon — lots of fun things to share with you…

New Max for Live device: blast your photos with sound and watch them turn into moving video. #GlitchPix

GlitchPix works on Mac and PCs.  Mac users can use GlitchPix with other VJ software like VDMX, Resolume, and VIZZables.

New Max for Live device — turn photos into videos using sound. Coming soon….

NEW official music video to Sleepwalk

from the album Science Fiction

Created by Christina Kolozsvary & Justin Drobinksi, with Kervin Marseille

(Source: ruwatheband)

Science Fiction, by RUWA

New album from my music project, RUWA.  Download and enjoy.

(Source: ruwatheband)

New Single / Free Download

from the upcoming album Science Fiction

(via ruwatheband)

How to make live video in Ableton: RokVid tutorial part 1

RokVid is available only at

New Song: When You Cry


a preview from the upcoming album

Science Fiction

new album coming soon from RUWA

Using RokVid to create live video inside Ableton.

RokVid is available only at

Music is by RUWA.

Additional shader programming by Blake Shaw.

(Source: ruwatheband)

New Song / free download


Brian Song made a fantastic video, showing off how he works with RokVid.  I can’t believe how many copies of it he has running at once.

make music for your eyes: RokVid for Ableton Live

Create a live visual experience for your music with just a camera or videos. 

Only at

This video was created in realtime without any pre-made video footage — just a camera pointing at the screen plus one RokVid preset.

New Song


RokVid for Ableton Live — how to make crazy effects with only a camera using video feedback.